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Whilst the country has “partied” during this most unusual of summers, Armagh Theatre Group has been busy busy busy, writing and casting and rehearsing a sequel (of sorts!) to the massively successful Zoomeo & Juliet and today we are delighted to announce the launch of ticket sales for Social Bubble, Toil & Trouble, live on Zoom this November!
SOCIAL BUBBLE, TOIL & TROUBLE is yet another original “zoom play” written by Byddi Lee, Malachi Kelly & Tim Hanna. Expertly produced by Margery Quinn, it unveils the further antics of your favourite Am Dram Afficionados battling the infuriating constraints of living with coronavirus whilst endeavouring to bring “quality” drama to their long suffering supporters. Is Dan still hooked on the Bard? Has Jill found her pussy? Is Ray really in Donegal? Has Pat been whisked away by talent spotters? Could they all be “replaced” by some “new kids” on the block? Find out by joining one of our three live Zoom performances this November…………..
Same rules apply as last time (if you can remember) and astonishingly (yes, the treasurer was out voted when he suggested an increase!!) we are still charging only £7.99 per “screen” (that means your whole family can watch – it’s for nothing!!). So………………
If you wish to book a place for Thursday 19th November go to
If you wish to book a place for Friday 20th November go to
If you wish to book a place for Saturday 21st November go to
There are a few important things which you need to know.
We are presenting three live performances –Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November at 8pm, which can only be viewed on Zoom…so it is essential you have the zoom app on your computer/tablet (watching is best on a laptop or desktop computer. An ipad/tablet will work however a phone is not recommended.)
We will only have 80 “screen” places available each night so you need to register by clicking on the appropriate link above to secure your “screen” place. Importantly – please register and pay using a laptop or desktop computer. Using a tablet/ipad/mobile phone will work but you will either need to already have a PayPal account or else open one. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom Play.
Finally, for those of you who missed Zoomeo & Juliet during July (can’t believe there are many), we have posted one of the live performances on YouTube which you can watch ABSOLUTELY FREE!! (the treasurer has fainted…) Here’s the link………
And…..finally, finally………….please forward this email to anyone on your own contact’s list – remember you can watch Social Bubble, Toil & Trouble, on Zoom, absolutely anywhere in the world!

This is the link you have all been waiting for. Our very successful summer Zoom production of Zoomeo & Juliet recorded live is now available FREE on the Youtube link above.

Whether you caught it in early July or a first timer you are guaranteed a belly of laughs as the cast and director (Margery Quinn) from Armagh Theatre Group master the world of Zoom to bring you the first, live, original on- line production during this pandemic. 

You luckly people will benefit from the Free to view production- the belly laughs - and at the end of the show a behind the scenes look at rehearsal bloopers as we all struggle with the new concept.

This is a fund raising effort towards our Building extension plans for Abbey Lane Theatre which will ensure more years of entertainment through Drama, music,stories and poetry for all the Armagh community.

Please support us by donating to ATG Extension Project Donation Page

Make an evening of the viewing and send what you can to the above link.

Thank you , enjoy the show and let us know what you think of it. (There could be more)

This week Armagh Theatre Group were to present  'IMPACT'  in the Market Place Theatre for  several performances. An extended script was adapted for the new venue and all the cast had committed to the schedule of rehearsals. It was shaping up to be an exciting project for all involved. Tickets were already being purchased in February and pormotions had started.


What a changed world we live in now as it looks like threatres will be the last public venues to open after this pandemic has abated.

Undaunted ATG have picked up the challenge to perform for our audience via Zoom, with the 'in houses' production  Zoomeo and Juliet. A humorous behind the scenes look at the problems that present themselves when an amature group embrace this technology to rehearse.

We are aiming for the first weekend in July showing two live Zoom performances by a stellar cast and directed by a brave Margery Quinn.

Keep your eyes peeled to our website and social media for the invitation details. You will be able to prebook a viewing slot and help towards our Building Extension fund via Paypal. All proceeds will go towards these substantical costs. Thank you.

Armagh Theatre Group is YOUR theatre group.

As another storm blows over the country this morning last night Raquel (Rainbow Ashwood Jamacian) McKee created her own storm of entertainment as guest artist in Abbey Lane. Her infectious charm and presence had the audience particapating from the start. Pieces such as 'One potato,two potato' and 'Charles Drew' will stay long in the memory of those lucky to have been there. A great ambassador for African/ Carribean culture in N Ireland and a privilege to have her as our guest artist for Feburary.


Guest artist Raquel McKee

We started the night with an important public announcement from the Ministry of All Spinsters,the Bachelors and the Envied (Mastbates)

Warning single people of the dangers of unexpected proposals today 29th Feb. Malachi's rant 'The Great Ulster Forest' kicked of the night which included Sophie Ross singer/songwriter (To sleep at night); Thomas Healy singing ( Delicate by Damien Rice); Dymphna with her well known brand of comedy; Cathy Carson written word performer ( 2 pieces- Pockets & 17) France Lavery singing Honky Tonk Angles ( her own interpretation!);A short cartoon interlude;  David Braziel Armagh's top poet (Selection of works); Kate McLaughlin  ( her Father Harry McGrail's poem May Day); Adam Trotter (monologue American Civil War) Jim Doc singing his way (I Did It My Way); Rachel Toner, (story Not a child of the Troubles); and finished with Sophie returning with her version of (Bob Dillon's Blowin in the wind)


Rachel Toner Poet/Writer

Thanks to all who helped, who performed, who participated in any way but especially to all who braved the storms, the cold, the fear of proposals, the viruses and still travelled to Abbey Lane to make this another successful night for the best wee Open Mic ...ANYWHERE!



Next month's Open Mic is on 28th March when our special GUESTS are flying in from Newcastle-upon-Tyne (yes folks our fame has travelled over lands and seas) when we welcome David and Carol Cooke- known as 'Two many Cookes' or 'Cooke's R' Us'. This multity talented couple are here for ONE night only and as we are getting 2 guests for the price of 1 the house should be PACKED!