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Dozens turned out on this cold end of February 2024 to see our special guest Adrian Kissane commanding the Abbey Lane stage with great support from Aidan McGillon and Eoin Kelly. Great blues numbers had the feet tapping and the hands clapping as the crowd sang along. Well done boys , hope to have you back soon and maybe as a full quartet.

Next month's Special Guest is the internationally renowned storyteller Steve Lally.  A native of Kildare and now an adopted son of South Armagh, Steve is also a bestselling author.

He takes his stories far and wide and is passionate about breathing life into this vital and significant art form. His repertoire of tales ranges from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and beyond to stories of adventure and magic. 

He has written three books on Irish folklore and co-written (with his wife Paula) a unique anthology from the 32 counties of Ireland entitled 'Irish Gothic Fairy Stories' Dairy date 29th March 8pm Abbey Lane Theatre Armagh


 Steve Lally - Read for Good storyteller.

Copy the link above for Adrian Kissane Quartet 'The Way it Goes' and see them live at Abbey Lane Open Mic  Night 

next week Friday 23rd. Doors open 7.45pm £5 entrance; BYOB ; 5 min slots on stage under lights to an appreciative and friendly audience.

Poetry competition results; famous raffle and guarenteed best Open Mic around.

 EXTENDED DEADLINE to 19th Feb midnight.

This month's poetry competition for the £30 cash prize has its three topics of
1) What matters is.
2) Family affairs.
3) It's a disgrace.......(start of poem)
30 line max with a connection to the chosen topic or topics. Email up to three entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before
the closing date of midnight 19th Feb. Winner and Highly Commended to read their entries at our Open Mic in Abbey Lane Theatre on the 24th Feb.
January winner Jordan Rafferty with his Friendship poem
'Your Blade'
The American asked me where that had come from,
how articulate alchemy turns a woman to steel
on a culchie’s tongue. He looked at me like I was
an archive of Irish diction to flick through and titter
over at leisure. The tinkling tang of accented English
tickled him. It’s why we were friends in the first place.
Blade, preceded by Biddie, preceding
Bridie and Doll and Dose. The American thought
too much of my talents. I’m a dictionary with no
descriptions, a collection of colloquial chorus,
a live reading in an echo chamber, that same
echo chamber that taught me to speak with
-out any kind of certain etymology.
Well, you see (I began to bullshit) consider
both in naïve hands. Sharp and dangerous.
That got him. Wit beats truth in the American
mind anytime. His poor partner. He called her Blade
then and forever after. I’d armed an Eejit.
Highly Commended; Ellen McKenna
My Favourite Walk.
My favourite walk would have to be
Along the strand, down by the sea.
Removing my shoes to dip my toes,
Always wary of strong undertows.
The gritty sand beneath my feet,
The tang of ozone in the heat.
The breeze blows spray onto my face,
As large waves along the shore do race.
Brave white horses jostling for room,
Before they die within the spume.
Above my head the sea birds soar,
Wheeling and dancing to their own score.
Their cries sound strident to my ear
As they fly free, with little to fear.
Plover scurry between the stones,
Along with oystercatcher and terns.
There are such treasures to be found,
Where shells and pebbles all abound.
Shading my eyes, I stop and loiter,
As sunlight sparkles on the water.
I stand and gaze to lands far away,
And allow my thoughts to stray,
As I think of all who are lost at sea,
How cruel and heartless it can be.
But then, as I taste the salt of brine,
I enjoy this precious moment in time.
Oh yes, my favourite walk would have to be,
Along the strand, down by the sea.

              An Evening of Original Mini Plays at ATG

Armagh Theatre Group’s New Year production is – An Evening of Original ‘Mini Plays’ written, produced and performed entirely by members & friends of ATG on Thursday 11th, Friday 12th & Saturday 13th January 2024 at 8pm in Abbey Lane Theatre, Armagh.  

Get ready for a night filled with laughter, drama, and incredible performances. Your heartstrings will be plucked and you will laugh at the foibles of humans and admire the depths or heights to which the imagination can and does sink and soar. We welcome this opportunity for our local playwrights to showcase their talents and entertain us at the same time.

Whether you're a theatre enthusiast or just looking for a fun night out, this eclectic mix of mini plays, encompass comedy, romance and the downright bizarre and guarantees a dramatic roller coaster of a night never before seen in Abbey Lane Theatre! So, grab your friends and family and head over to Abbey Lane for an unforgettable night of entertainment.

The ideal Christmas Present? Why Not?    Tickets £15 available through the link below.