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Along with sax player Seonaid Murray, Ashley Manners (acoustic guitar) and Colin Hassards (vocals/guitar) make up this exciting trio called DIRTY WORDS,our next guests lined up for Open Mic on 22nd February. Abbey Lane audiences needs no introduction for Colin and his innovative poetry but marrying this with top class musicians will be a real treat. Remember our new Open conversation on Family sayings and quotes, our renowned hospitality, our prizes and now Dirty Words for a Dirt cheap entry fee of £5......see you there and NOTE limited seating! Doors opening 8pm.



A very happy, artistic and peaceful New Year to all. This is another big year for Armagh Theatre Group as we mark 53 years tramping the boards, 4years of our ever popular Open Mic's and our planned extension of Abbey Lane.

We start our Open Mic's on Burns Night this year. So we will feature some of the Scottish bard's work and songs. We will have a new in house competition with sponsored prizes from some of the biggest business in Armagh, like the Dole, Education and Health boards...

We welcome all artists to the stage. poets, writers, singers, musicians and codologists to try their work in front of a friendly and appreciative audience. Come along and enjoy the craic, the company and the magic atmosphere of Abbey Lane.


So we will finally see the back of a historic, iconic,ironic, sardonic,ascerbic and at times comic competition. A competition whose winners wavered between the ages of twelve and eighty. A competition which drew people from as far as Belfast and Belcoo  to win its world renowned prizes...not to mention the kudos gained by having this on your curriculum vitae. 'And winner of ATG's OMN LLC for the month of November 2018 is...'

One could dine out on this for years. There was a wee Woman from... ah! the memories.

Also retiring is the incorruptible, the undisputable Applause Meter which once reached the dizzy sound level of FANTASIC but more often the level NOT BAD, due mainly to an inadvertent thumb over the mic. And so we move  upwards and onwards as we throw open this opportunity for you our faithful to come up with a new competition for Janurary 2019 OMN. All ideas forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 31st Dec 18.




Armagh Theatre Group’s Autumn production is a double header of One Act plays, brought to its own Abbey Lane Theatre in Armagh, on Thursday 15, Friday 16 and Saturday 17 November 2018 at 8pm  

Someone To Talk To by Michael Judge is an ensemble production with Pat McNally, Madeleine Kelly, Margery Quinn and Malcolm Dawson. In the format of an unconventional radio play reading!

 Two sisters living alone decide to take in a lodger to have “someone to talk to” but be careful what you wish for………………!

Originally cast with the late, and much missed, Una Boylan, ATG are certain she would be delighted that the show is “going on”.

The Happy Journey by Thornton Wilder, produced by Felim Rafferty, is a simple tale. A father, mother and two of their three children drive from Newark, New Jersey to Camden to visit their married daughter. Their journey is punctuated by talk, laughter, memories (some mundane, some happy, some painful), and appreciation of the Now – ham and eggs, flowers, family, sunsets and the joy of being alive. In this family drama, nothing much happens-and yet everything important happens. As Ma Kirby says, “There’s nothin’ like bein’ liked by your family.””

A cast of youth (Lily Conway, Emily Conway & Liam Loughran) combine with older fare (Bridie Heaney, Malachi Kelly & Tim Hanna) in a bitter sweet “road trip” across the America of the 1920’s.

Don’t miss this great night’s entertainment in Armagh’s little gem theatre.

6.30–7.30pm. THEATRE.
Laugh After Death with Nuala McKeever.
Venue: Abbey Lane Theatre. £8.
The books say there are "ve stages of grief – Denial, Anger,
Bargaining, Depression and Anger. Didn’t go that way for me.
Mine were Crying, Drinking a lot, Feeling guilty about drinking,
Drinking more and Passing Out... and that was just in one evening.
Five years after the sudden death of her partner, Nuala McKeever is
back on stage with a new work that explores the process of coming
back to life after the person you love dies. With dark humour and
savage honesty she lays bare her struggles in an often hilarious
journey from over-thinking to understanding. Part drama, part standup,
Laugh After Death is a deeply personal, ultimately uplifting, story
of one woman’s attempt to #nd peace in free-fall.
Just before the debut of her new show, Laugh After Death, which
opens at the Lyric Theatre on November 7th, we have the opportunity
to hear Nuala present extracts from the piece and talk about the #veyear
process of writing it, with time for questions from the audience.
Nuala McKeever, Northern Ireland’s Queen of Comedy, #rst came to
public attention in the BBC NI sitcom, Give My Head Peace, followed
by her own comedy character show, McKeever, on UTV.

Armagh Theatre Group are proud to be part of this year's John O'Connor Writing School & Literary Arts Festival 2018

LIMITED SEATING ; Tickets from Armagh Visitors Centre 028 37521800 or online