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The series returns, next Friday night our Open Mic {its definitely working now!} continues with great stories, poetry, song and music  from local and international talent bursting to get in the door to perform. And heading the 'bill' this month's community group will be Armagh Men Shed Choir.  The choir has performed of Royalty ,politicians , religious leaders and TV audiences but will they be able for the white heat of an Abbey Lane Theatre audience? I think so. Get there early folks it promises to be as good a night out as you can get anywhere......and still only £5 inc wine[1 glass }and nibbles if you are good.

Friday 31st March 8pm {doors open} B.Y.O.Bottle!

A big thanks to all who braved the poor weather to entertain and be entertained at our OMNight in Abbey Lane Theatre. We had a great variety of participants this month ranging from singer songwriter Nina, Ann and Joe with storytelling, Louis on Banjo, Malachi poem, Peter reading St Patrick's 'true' story, Ann and Kevin duet ,Eric on mandolin, Joan solo singing, Proinnsias  (Coldplay covers), Margaerita song, Antaine 'Drumnakilly Devil' and our guest for this month the great performing poet, two time Slam Champion of Ulster Colin Hassard. Where else would you get it for£5!

As we are gripped in the usual winter flu epidemic this poem, from our Open Mic' in November seems appropriate and hopefully will bring a smile to the reader's face.



My ears are really throbbing and my chest is feeling tight

My head is splitting apart and i'm really off me bite

I feel i'm coming down with a ferocious Manflu

That would floor the very best of us but i'm not complaining to you


I don't take potions and pills OR sympathy as I suffer

For the man that suffers in silence cannot be called a bluffer

No I'm not complaining of the pains and aches I have

Or the congested chest and phlegm,

you know the sick green gunge that refuses

To be washed down the drain.


I'm keeping it to myself, the obvious symptoms that pertain

Like the loss of manly strength while in my bed I remain

i'll not be bothering my GP, nor even receptionists at the clinic

Though I'm suffering, there's worse of than me. I'm dammed if I'll be called a cynic


And as the world 'casts a cold eye' while my temperature soars and wanes

Will that Horseman pass me by'?

The man that NEVER complains.





This Open Mic Night section offers an outlet to the work presented during our series in 2016. Please take time to read, enjoy and if you wish,  comment or reflect on these  by sending your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All rights for publication or performing stay with the author and Armagh Theatre Group. Please seek permission if required.