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Name; Marie-Claire Guy

Job/Career; Solicitor

AGT Member since; since 2013 (I think) I was in my early twenties anyway.

Why did you join; Malcom Dawson and Aunty Una (Boylan) made me do it! I have a vague recollection of being auditioned by them both at a party using an enamel toothpick as a prop to sell in a Dragon’s Den style whilst being filmed on an i-pad… and you needn’t laugh Malcolm Dawson you were wearing a big ginger wig.

1st Production; Two

1st producer/director; The ever tolerant, patient and enthusiastic Kevin McEneaney bless him.

Favourite theatre performed in/visited;

It would be hard not to choose the “Gem” that is the Abbey Lane Theatre. That special moment when you are trying hard to pretend to be someone else and your mummy is sitting right under your nose. The Navan Centre has a great stage right entrance. I have a fond memory of Peter Kelly, in the reading of “Deirdre” directed by Margery Quinn, entering like Darth Vadar into the Death Star courtesy of the whoosh of the emergency exit. The very same door that Peter, Bridie and I got locked behind and couldn’t get on stage for the start.

Favourite play and part;

Favourite play for the craic was Ladies Day produced by Hilary Good. For the hard work I’d have to say “Our Lady of Sligo” directed by Kevin McEneaney, and I only had a fraction to do. Hats off Bridie! It was a great feeling to be part of that.

Biggest achievement on stage;

Loot directed by Felim Rafferty, I will never know why I didn’t just phone in sick. (Felim doesn’t either).


Chocolates or Cakes;

I could have passed up on either until lately, I suspect this won’t end well but now I’ll have both please.

Meat or Veg;

Still Veg, no change there

Fruit or Fry; Yup, fruit.

To entertain or be entertained;

Entertain, I probably wasn’t that much of a Theatre goer until I joined ATG. I do enjoy watching from the wings. I think that is my favourite place to be.

Most embarrassing stage moment;

It has to be Our Town and hollering out the wrong line at the full dress rehearsal. I am sorry to all I distracted but Gerry McGrath needed his braces re-attached and the cue was really like the one where I supposed to holler out that line… honest Gov, it wasn’t my fault. Oh, and there was the one during Loot when, mid proposal scene between Malachi and I, someone switched on the interval Music. Was that a hint? ‘cause I didn’t take it.

Favourite author/ Playwright;

Thomas Hardy, he does such dark stuff to his characters. I do love Jane Eyre so maybe I should get around to reading more Charlotte Bronte.

Book at your bedside;

Caught I don’t have one. If I don’t crash as soon as my head hits the pillow I trawl through images of paintings on my i-pad. I do have a bag with all my old scripts right beside the bedside table. Does that count?

Favourite Music choice;

Now this is hard. I enjoy such a variety, classical music, 80’s and 90’s stuff, 1970s, Earth, Wind and Fire, Quincy Jones and Nile Rodgers’ music. It’s hard to beat the music you take part in though. I’ve battered out music in a few different forms, pants at all of them but the fun I have had, so that’s my favourite music.

Best Holiday destination; San Juan De Los Terreros, just like Donegal but there’s a big yellow ball in the sky.

Your party piece;

We’ll no go there, it’s not pretty and not to be encouraged.

Mantra- rules of life;

In the words of Len “And of course you can’t become if you only say what you would have done, so I missed a million miles of fun”

Think about it, yes. Talk about it, a bit, but for goodness sake do it.

Book/Play/Film recommendation;

It will have to be film. I watch a lot of films so again it’s hard to choose. I think the Michael Caine/Lawrence Olivier screen version of “Sleuth” started the attraction. I love the acting in “Thelma and Louise” there’s not a bad actor in it. Christopher McDonald who plays Thelma’s husband is just brilliant. I can’t not mention “Rosemary’s Baby” I watch it nearly every weekend.

Exercise choice;

Walking. Great way to learn lines. Load them up in your head and go.

Favourite Food;

Chinese on a Friday night with Beer or Cava or both.

Hopes for ATG by 2026;

That it will continue to provide joy, laughter, tears, inspiration, embarrassing moments, first plays, favourite plays, fear of Jesus, first directors, favourite theatre and friends like you will find nowhere else by 2026 and beyond. Sod the toilet for back stage…that element keeps you on your toes for the performances.


Marie-Claire caught impersonating an Amature actor . Scene from Good Thing's by Liz Lochhead along with Aileen and Hubby Charlie 2018